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My name is Katja. I moved from Belgium to Prague in 2005, where I got my first Boston girl, my baby and my best friend, Bella Charmante Bady-Ron, whose existence I have to thank to an admirable Czech breeder, Dagmar Vasicka (Luzkova). Our hearts and spirits fully belong to this extraordinary race.


The Boston Terriers are gentle, alert, very intelligent, well-mannered and enthusiastic. They love you more than their own life, they are extremely social dogs, full of joy and are real fans of any sport activities, masters in agility.


Bostons are fearless guardians of your house who never bite without a reason. They want to share every moment of your life, especially on your pillow.


Bostons are not just dogs – they are much more…


Welcome A-Table du Grand Motol into our family!

15/06/2013 19:48
Bella gave us 5 wonderful puppies and one boy enlarged our family: A-Table du Grand Motol


27/08/2012 14:22

Bella becoming Czech Champion!!!!!

26/08/2012 20:47

Bella winning Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB!!!

06/11/2011 17:25
at the international dog show in Prague, judge Frencesco Cochetti

Bella winning Excellent 1, CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB

28/08/2011 17:27
at the international dog show in Mlada Boleslav, judge Bozena Ovesna

Bella winning Excellent 2, res. CAC

17/07/2011 17:32
at the national dog show in Mlada Boleslav. Judge Alena Kostalkova
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